Water Filtration & Protection In Three Steps

Step 1

High performance Carbon Filtration

To help improve the quality of your drinking water, the water filtration process removes the taste and smell of chlorine and small particles that might be found in tap water with an active carbon filter. Impurities removed by carbon filters include:

  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Cycts
  • Petrochemicals
  • Toxins

Step 2

Microbiological purification with UV

Ultraviolet (UV) water purification is a chemical-free method to eliminate bacteria and illness-causes viruses from your drinking water. Ultraviolet rays penetrate pathogens and destroy illness-causing microorganisms such as like E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis.

  • Eliminates 99.9999% germs
  • Chemical-free purification
  • Low cost and low maintenance

Step 3

Protection from microorganisms with BioCote®

BioCote® is an antimicrobial coating, integrated into the external surfaces of your water cooler. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms on frequently touched areas such as buttons to reduce bacteria, mold and contributes to the health integrity of your workplace.

“BioCote® complements Waterlogic’s existing UV purification technology and offers the highest level of water hygiene to customers.”

The Importance of Minerals

Minerals are essential for health and many important minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium are found in tap water. Minerals contribute to strong teeth, bones, healthy skin and hair. They are also very important for the growth and development of the body. When pure water in the form of rainfall lands on the soil, it passes through the earth and gets mineralised with important minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium. However, while these are minerals that are good for health, the water could also get contaminated with substances that are toxic. This is due to pollution and therefore this water becomes unfit for direct consumption.

To remove traces of such harmful chemicals, biodegradable waste and bacteria, we use water purifiers. While water purifiers ensure that we drink only pure water, most RO water purifiers also remove the essential minerals from the water. This is because most minerals have molecules that are larger than water molecules, and when the water is passed through the RO membrane, they get filtered out of the water. RO purification is one of the most efficient methods of purification and according to research, the best water purifiers can remove upto 99% of contaminants. Unfortunately, the minerals also get filtered out.

However, the question arises as to how can we maintain the mineral constituency while ensuring that the water is purified? While most of the minerals required by the body come from food and dietary supplements, minerals found in water are also essential for health. This is why you must choose a water purifier which purifies the water and preserves the mineral content. One option is to choose a UV water purifier which efficiently kills all germs and microbes with UV light. The other option is to invest in a water purifier that can preserve the mineral content and ensure the water is free of contaminants.